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Our Partners


Our partners are the key to our organization. We choose to strategically align ourselves with ministry partners who are actively supporting the world’s under resourced and most needy populations.


We have selected six areas of ministry that we’re committed to supporting. These ministry opportunities are areas that we believe are critical to the well being of individuals and communities.


Ministry Opportunities


Church Planting


Community Strengthening




Widow & Orphan Ministry




Poverty Elimination

Ministry Partners

Missions Thrift Store

Missions Thrift Store Logo OL color.png

A ministry of Crossroads Fellowship Church in Raleigh NC, the store uses donations to provide quality used items at an affordable price. Proceeds support Bible translations for the deaf, evangelistic mission trips, building wells, hosting kids camps, and more.


Nehemiah Vision Ministries

Committed to helping Haitians live Godly, Christian lives, be productive and provide for their families, and help to rebuild Haiti. This ministry pursues this commitment through leadership development, education, healthcare, and economic development.


Regen Foundation

ReGen is focused on educational programs for children in various locations in and around the city of Fagaras, Romania. They also provide training and resources to help young adults exit the cycle of poverty.



Paul and Laurel Morgan serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo where they work alongside Congolese translators to help more Congolese have access to God’s Word in their own languages.


Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary

USBT is a located in L’viv, Ukraine and exists to train up effective church leaders. They currently have 700 students enrolled in pastoral, missions, music and women’s studies programs.

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Timo & Marie Shely

Timo Shely is a God gifted servant-evangelist who has travelled to 30 different countries proclaiming the Good News. He baptizes many and delivers messages of repentance and hope in the jungles, on the streets, in churches, schools, and prisons. His ministry focuses on Europe, Africa and South America.

Christian Family Church-2.png

Christian Family Church

Christian Family Church is a 4 year old, born again evangelical ministry in Southeast Asia with three locations, starting from zero congregation to now a nearly 250 persons. The church includes: a Sunday school, micro-sewing business, food needs program, a good samaritan program, bible studies and soon to launch urban outreach program. 


Sunbeam Kids International - The Taylors

The Taylors work directly in training indigenous pastors, evangelists/church planters, children’s workers and leaders for the work of carrying the Gospel into the villages of Cambodia. They provide active, hands-on training through their “Timothy” program where young men and woman are being trained and discipled by mature and seasoned leaders for the work of the ministry.

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